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1996 Resolutions

Link Date Number Title
January 2, 1996 982 Resolution Approving Sale of Real Property  
January 17, 1996 983 Approving Sale of Real Property  
March 4, 1996 984 West Fairgrounds Access Rd. Name Changed to Pioneer Prkwy  
March 18, 1996 985 Elected A Resolution Approving the Issuance by the Volusia County Educational Facilities Authority (of Volusia County, Florida) of not to Exceed of not to Exceed $110,000,000 Aggregate Principal Amount of Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds ERAU (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Project), Series 1996, in one or more Series, a Portion of the Net Proceeds of Which is to be used to Advance Refund a Portion of the Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Project),Series 1992 Issued by Such Florida Authority and (2) Finance, Refinance or Reimburse the Costs of Educational Facilities at the Prescott, Arizona Campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Inc., Located in Yavapai County, Arizona.  
March 18, 1996 986 Delegating Authority for approval of Special Event Liquor Licenses, Temporary Premises Extension/Patio Permits, Fireworks Permits and Parade Permits, and Establishing Administrative Procedures  
April 1, 1996 987 A Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County Adopting the Yavapai County Personnel Policies and Procedures, as a Guide for Personnel Administration, within Yavapai County Government  
April 1, 1996 988 Declaring April 13, 1996, as Yavapai County Teachers' Day.  
April 1, 1996 989 To Designate April 1-7, 1996, as Public Health Week in Yavapai County  
April 15, 1996 990 Oakcreek Drive, A Portion, and Soldier Wash Rd., Names Changed  
April 15, 1996 991 Resolution Declaring Territory Annexed to B.P.I.D.  
April 29, 1996 992 Establishing a Portion of Copper Basin Road as a County Hwy.  
April 29, 1996 993 Establishing Little Ranch Rd. and Malapai Ridge Rd. as County Hwys.  
April 29, 1996 994 Exchanging a Portion of Pinon Place for Portions of Lots 24 and 26, The Prescott Riviera  
April 29, 1996 995 Duffy Road Named Changed to Dewey Road  
April 29, 1996 996 Resolution Opposing Application for Acquisition of Land to be Held in Trust  
May 20, 1996 997 Declaring the Existence of a Fire Emergency  
May 20, 1996 998 Declaring Territory Annexed to Big Park Improvement Dist.  
June 3, 1996 999 Authorizing the Taking by Eminent Domain  
June 3, 1996 1000 Burmeister Road Name Change to Cordes Lake Road  
June 3, 1996 1001 A Resolution of the Board of Supervisors, Yavapai County, Arizona of Intention of Participation in Family Counseling Program  
June 3, 1996 1002 Easement Extinguishment, Humboldt  
June 17, 1996 1003 Granite Dells Road, Authorizing the Taking by Eminent Domain a Portion  
June 17, 1996 1004 Repealing Resolution No. 986 and Delegating Authority for Approval of Special Event Liquor Licenses, Temporary Premises Extension/Patio Permits, Fireworks Permits, Parade Permits and Recreational Events Requiring Closure of or Special Traffic Control on County Streets, Roads or Highways  
July 1, 1996 1005 Petition to the Governor of the State of Arizona for Approval of a Fifth Division of the Arizona Superior Court for Yavapai County  
July 1, 1996 1006 A Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Yavapai County, Arizona, Amending of Supervisors Resolution No. 927 to Allocate One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) of funds Allocated for County Wide Construction /Reconstruction of Roads for 1996-97 FY to the Highway User Road Fund for Countywide Maintenance of Roads for the 1996-97 FY  
July 1, 1996 1007 Petitioning the AZ State Legislature to Consider Legislation Allowing Counties with Populations of 400,000 or less to Submit to Voters the Question of Whether to Enact a Special Transaction Privilege Tax in Place of the County Primary Property Tax  
July 1, 1996 1007A A Resolution of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors for the Adoption of the Budget; Fiscal Year 1996-97  
July 15, 1996 1008 Establishing a Portion of Stazenski Road as a County Highway  
August 5, 1996 1009 Approving Amendment to Reversion Condition; YMCA Quit-Claim Deed  
August 5, 1996 1010 Approving Sale of Real Property  
August 5, 1996 1011 Approving Transfer of Real Property  
August 19, 1996 1012 Establishing Several Streets and Roads as County Highways  
August 19, 1996 1013 Establishing a Portion of Fair Oaks Road as a County Highway  
August 19, 1996 1014 Establishing Several Streets and Roads as County Highways  
August 19, 1996 1015 Establishing Mtn. Laurel Road & Vista Ridge Rd as County Hwys.  
September 3, 1996 1016 Establishing Third Street as a County Highway  
September 3, 1996 1017 Peeples Valley, Yarnell and Ashfork Road Name Changes  
September 16, 1996 1018 Establishing Looka Way, Valancius Way, and South Aspaas Street in Cornville Area as County Highways  
September 16, 1996 1019 Exchanging portion of Branding Iron Place, Lake Montezuma Agricultural Acres, for Portions of Lots 34 and Possible Lots 35 and/or 37  
September 16, 1996 1020 Authorizing Auction for Lease of County Real Property  
October 7, 1996 1021 Establishing a Portion of N. Aspaas Rd. as a County Hwy.  
October 7, 1996 1022 Establishing Pioneer Avenue as a County Highway  
October 21, 1996 1024 Establishing Johnson Dr., Nachez Dr., Unnamed Rd, a Portion of Valancius Way and a Portion of Forestglen Rd. as County Highways  
October 21, 1996 1025 Establishing Village Ave., Los Hueso's Way, Clydesdale Avenue and Staghorn Lane as County Highways  
October 21, 1996 1026 Approving Lease of County Real Property  
November 4, 1996 1027 Unestablishing Glassford Hill Road and Portions of Old Black Canyon Highway as County Highways  
November 4, 1996 1028 Spring Lane, Spring Valley, Authorizing the Taking by Eminent Domain of a Portion  
November 4, 1996 1029 Extinguishment of Easement, Glen Ilah Extension One  
November 4, 1996 1030 Repealing Amended Resolution No. 179  
November 18, 1996 1031 Establishing Hoover Street as a County Highway  
November 18, 1996 1032 Brown Lane Name Changed to Thunder Ridge Road  
December 2, 1996 1033 Unnamed Road, Equestrian Estates No. 2 Named Stage Line Trail  
December 16, 1996 1034 Resolution Approving the Issuance of a not to Exceed $1,500.00 Healthcare Facilities Revenue Bond (Verde Valley Guidance Clinic, Inc. Project) Series 1996 of the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Yavapai, Arizona, and Certain Matters Related Thereto  
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