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What is the first step to permitting a septic?

First you will need to have a site investigation completed for your property. You can hire an outside registered sanitarian to complete or apply through the County. If you choose to have the County complete your site investigation, you must have three test holes dug (See Site Investigation Packet – Soil Characterization form for details) before applying on our permitting portal, CitizenServe.

What are the setbacks for a septic?

  • 10 feet from any structure
  • 100 feet from any well
  • 5 feet from your property line if the property next to you is developed
  • 50 feet from your property line if the property next to you is undeveloped

All setbacks include the septic tank and leach fields.

Do I need a permit to repair my septic?

If you are increasing or decreasing the size of your system or changing the footprint of your current system, you will need to acquire a permit.

Can I reuse grey water?

You can! At the property of your single-family home you can use grey water for surface irrigation as long as you have a connection to community sewer or an onsite wastewater (septic) system. You can discharge up to 400 gallons per day as long as you do not allow it to leave your property, pond or create an environmental nuisance. Grey water comes from the clothes washer, bathroom sink, tub or shower. It does not come from the kitchen sink, dish washer, or toilets. You are out of luck if you live in a duplex or other multi-family building, mobile home or RV park. Grey water reuse at multi-family facilities requires a permit from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

Are composting toilets allowed?

Composting toilets are allowed as a part of an onsite wastewater system but not by themselves. The size of the wastewater system will be a lot smaller because of the composting toilet. There will still need to be a Site Investigation conducted to determine soil types and limiting conditions; a tank; a soil treatment and disposal area. The composting toilet must be listed on the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality List of Proprietary Products and has to be a manufacture toilet per the adopted Building Code.
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