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How do I look up a permit for a property in Yavapai County?

Click on our CitizenServe Portal’s Search feature. You will need to have an address or parcel number.

Can I apply at either office for a permit?

All permits must be applied for through our CitizenServe Online Permitting Portal. Both the Cottonwood and Prescott Offices have a computer and scanner for the public to use if needed. We will not accept paper applications.

How do I pay for my permit?

Once your permit is approved, you will receive an email from your permit tech with the amount owed. You can pay for your permit by logging on to the CitizenServe portal, phoning your permit tech or sending in a check. Please remember to notify your permit tech once payment has been made so that the appropriate approval documents can be issued.

Can I make changes to my permit application once I’ve submitted it?

You can make changes to an application once it has been submitted. You will need to contact a permit tech to open up the permit for you first.

Do I need a permit to lay concrete?

Yes, if you are pouring 199 sq. ft. or more.

Where do I go to get an over the counter permit?

Just like any other permit, you will need to apply for over the counter permits through our CitizenServe portal.

Do I need a fence permit?

If your residential fence is under 50 cumulative LF and under 6 ft. tall, you will not need to apply for a permit, the exception to this is any kind of masonry fence. Masonry fences that are longer than 50 LF or 4 ft. tall will require a permit.

What is an impact fee and when do I have to pay it?

Yavapai County has adopted a Roadway Development Fee, commonly referred to as an Impact Fee, for all new development within the Unincorporated Yavapai County. The Impact Fee is $3400 for each dwelling unit. Impact fees must be paid in full before your permit will be issued. Please contact our office for the correct impact fees for Multi-Family, Time-Share, Hotel or Resort Project.

What is a Preliminary Code Review and how do I schedule one?

A Preliminary Code Review provides feedback and direction to commercial applicants from various county departments and other applicable jurisdictions regarding their project before detailed design drawings are submitted. You apply for a Preliminary Code Review using the CitizenServe online permitting portal. Once the application is complete we will begin the scheduling process.
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