GIS Mapping Applications

The parcel ownership information, improvements, sales, and valuation are populated with information from the new Assessor database. If you have any concerns or issues regarding this data, please contact the Yavapai County Assessor’s Office.

Interactive Map Tool

Outdoor Recreation Website

Features of Interactive Map Tool

The following features are now available:

  • Hide map tabs to increase map size
  • Resize map tabs to user-defined size
  • Map scale now has a lower limit of 1:500
  • Map layers now zooms to visible map scale (click the name of the layer)
  • New map tools
    • Measure by drawing multipoint, line, polyline, polygon, freehand polyline, freehand polygon
    • Show XY location now shows 3 different map units, WGS84 in Degrees Minutes Seconds, WGS84 Decimal Degrees, AZ State Plane Central, UTM Zone 12N
    • Identify multiple layers
    • Identify can return more than one parcel
  • Parcel search results
    • Parcel sales show all sales in Assessor database and book page values now links to County Recorders EagleWeb database
    • Subdivision name now links to County Recorders EagleWeb database
  • Map Layer check box to turn all layers on/off in group
  • Parcel history search results now show more details and allow user to move back and forth in parent/history tree
  • Dynamic “Map legend” located under Map Layers Tab
  • Layer Transparency for all services
  • New basemaps to use (this is the aerial or topographic backgrounds)
  • New layers
    • Flood FIRM Panels outlines
    • Base Flood Elevation Cross Sections
    • Watersheds
    • Arizona Game and Fish Units
    • Topo features

*Not available for print or export due to copyright

Features of Outdoor Recreation website

An interactive mapping application providing outdoor events, parks, hiking, camping and other fun and interesting things to do in Yavapai County.

Election Vote Centers

Parcel Search Tool

Features of Election Vote Centers

Helps citizens locate their election Vote Center and obtain information about current elected officials.

Features of Parcel Search Tool

A text-based search returning parcel information with a small map.

Flood Hazard Mapping

Flood Hazard Mapping

Full-featured Flood Map to identify the Firm Panel.

  • Download FEMA D-FIRM maps
  • View Special Flood Hazard Zones
  • View changes since last FIRM
  • Search by Parcel, Address, Owner, or Subdivision.
  • Turn on/off map layers
  • Select different Basemaps

Quick Parcel Search

For help with any of these Mapping Applications, please visit the GIS Mapping Application FAQ’s page.
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Disclaimer: Map and parcel information is believed to be accurate but accuracy is not guaranteed. No portion of the information should be considered to be, or used as, a legal document. The information is provided subject to the express condition that the user knowingly waives any and all claims for damages against Yavapai County that may arise from the use of this data.