Diversion is a program through the Yavapai County Juvenile Court that is offered to juveniles who commit minor offenses. This program keeps the juvenile out of the court process, but requires the juvenile to accept responsibility and complete consequences for his/her actions. The juvenile, parents and/or guardians, and the probation department must agree to the diversion. Results of diversions can involve treatment, an apology letter weekend work crew, monetary fines and restitution. Upon completion of the diversion, the juvenile’s file is closed without court involvement.

Standard Probation

Standard Probation is a court-ordered supervision level which requires the juvenile and his/her parents/guardians abide by conditions of probation. Juveniles on standard probation are generally required to complete community restitution, participate in counseling and other programs, and pay restitution in victim cases. Parents are generally assessed fees and are required to participate in their juvenile’s probation activities. Probation officers routinely make field contact with these juveniles at their homes, school, and work.

Juvenile Intensive Probation (JIPS)

Juvenile Intensive Probation (JIPS) is a court-ordered supervision level for juveniles who are at a higher risk level than standard probation. Juveniles and their parents are required to adhere to court-ordered conditions of probation. Juveniles are placed on house arrest and monitored very closely by a probation officer. The officers make frequent field contacts with JIPS juveniles at their homes, school, and employment. These juveniles are expected to participate in 32 hours of activity each week, including school, work, treatment, and community restitution.


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