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Payment types accepted

  • Cash, personal check or bank cashier check accepted.
    • Checks written to Yavapai County Government.
    • If mailing payment, please send to 1120 Commerce Dr, Prescott, AZ 86305, ATTN: GIS Department
  • Accepting Visa and Master Card credit card payments payment through E-Gov Solutions for GIS data requests and paper map requests. American Express credit card and Discover credit card are not accepted.  The transition fee is 0.0238% for charges over $10 or flat fee of $1.50 for all credit card charges under $10. 

Questions about payment processes or to get assistant to make a credit card payment, contact the GIS Department general number at 928-771-3169 or email at

All sales are final.

Pricing for paper maps and GIS data.

Here is a link to all pricing for all products. Pricing for Yavapai County GIS Data

Basic Maps (Maximum number of maps is 2. More than 2 are Specialty Maps (see below).)

  • 8.5 x 11 = $ 5.00 each (Reprint $2.00) with Aerial Add $2.00 (Reprint add $1.00)*
  • 11 x 17 = $10.00 each (Reprint $5.00) with Aerial Add $5.00 (Reprint add $2.00)*
  • 36 x 48 = $20.00 each (Reprint $10.00) with Aerial Add $10.00 (Reprint add $5.00)*
    Custom = Price is based on size.*

Specialty Projects

Specialty Maps are requests that will take some time to finish, County GIS staff charges $100 an hour (one hour minimum)*. It will be at the discretion of the County GIS staff if the map will be a specialty project or not. For example, a specialty map with aerial that took 1 hour would cost $130* ($100 for the hour, plus the cost of the basic 36 x 48 map with aerial). Specialty maps could include custom labeling, data manipulation, analytical, etc.

  • Miscellaneous Business = Same pricing structure mentioned above ($100/hr)*.
  • Project for County = Free (A letter from the contractor, or from County Department
    requesting the data, stating the use, is required. Data must be destroyed once the
    project is complete.)
  • Electronic Maps (e-mail) = ½ price of the Basic Maps price. Available file formats are
    GIF, JPG, PDF, or TIF.
  • Government (city, state, college, non-profit, etc.) = One custom map per month is free,
    each map, thereafter, is charged the same price as above.
  • Bulk projects: Universities, other agencies = Whichever is of lesser cost to produce the
    work i.e. $100/hour or printing cost.*

Note: If an alternative method of charging is agreed upon between entity, YAVGIS, and the Board of Supervisors, then that agreed-upon price will be used.*

*Money must be received before any maps or data is produced or released. All sales are final.

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