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Are Provisional Ballots counted?

Yes, every verified provisional ballot is counted.

What are "Conditional Provisional Ballots?"

You will be asked to vote a conditional provisional ballot at the vote center if you fail to show acceptable ID. Your vote will be counted if you bring acceptable ID back to the voting center on Election Day or to the County Recorder’s Office (or designated sites) by:

       5 Business days after the General Election

       3 Business days after any other Election

What are Provisional Ballots?

You will be asked to vote a Provisional Ballot at a Vote Center if your name is not on the register, and if:

  • You have changed your name or address and have not re-registered twenty-nine (29) days prior to an election
  • You did not vote the early ballot you requested
  • You are on the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL)
  • You voted early in person
  • You are not a registered voter

If voted an early ballot, you will vote a Provisional Ballot at a Vote Center.

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