The following are bills we are currently watching and that could potentially impact Yavapai County.

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2018 County Legislative Proposals

The following proposals are in draft form, during the Legislative Summit the proposals will be discussed and voted on.

1. Public Road Maintenance and Primitive Designation: Clarify the universe of road systems that are eligible to be brought into the county roadway system and expand the number of roads that are eligible to be declared as by a county board to include those roadways not built to county standards opened prior to June 13, 1990. (Apache)

2. County Veterans Services Officer Funding: Expand annual state funding to all 15 counties to finance a full time county veterans services officer position. (Apache)

3. Disproportionate Uncompensated Care (DUC) Pool Payments: Eliminate the county Disproportionate Uncompensated Care (DUC) payments to the state. This payment costs 14 counties $2.6 million annually. (Coconino)

4. Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE): Creates a statewide program to facilitate financing for clean energy and water conservation upgrades on commercial properties and allows the counties to opt into a program that permits property owners to secure the private financing via the lien process. (Coconino)

5. Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET): Subject all Government Property Leases to the same tax rate table as new leases. Clarify statute in order. to eliminate confusion, and to include the national park service in various exemptions from local property taxes. (Coconino)

6. Short Term RV Rental Assessment: Allow a County Board of Supervisors to impose an assessment on the short-term rental (fewer than 30 days) of recreational vehicles (RV) park spaces of up to $0.50 per night, per RV. (La Paz)

7. Transient Lodging Tax: Enable smaller counties to levy a tax on transient lodging. Definition of smaller county was not noted in the proposal. (La Paz)

8. Supermajority to Levy County Excise Taxes: Change the existing general fund one-half cent sales tax authority to allow a five-member board to levy the tax with a super-majority vote, rather than a unanimous vote. (Mohave)

9. Resources for Juvenile Dependency Representation: Allocate financial resources to impacted counties to assist with providing mandated attorney services for indigent defendants in juvenile dependency matters, due to recent increases in costs associated with these cases as a result of the overhaul of the child protective services system in Arizona. (Mohave)

10. Establishment of Electronic License Plates: Seeks to establish design parameters and directs standard issue of electronic license plates beginning January 1, 2020 for each state registered vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer. In addition, it would mandate electronic license plate issuance to owners of registered vehicles, trailers, or semitrailers by December 31, 2021. Electronic license plates will incorporate permanently affixed or embedded Automatic Identification and Data Capture technology which will only contain the license plate number and vehicle identification number. (Mohave)

11. State Land Payments: Enables the State Land Commissioner to accept additional payment options, instead of only cashiers checks, on sales and auctions of state land. (Pinal)

12. Zoning Notice Service: Provide more flexibility and clarity for the serving of zoning violations. Currently statute only permits the zoning inspector to serve such notices, but the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure affords more flexibility. (Yavapai)

13. Domestic Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution System: Allow a county improvement district to acquire, construct, or improve a domestic drinking water treatment and distribution system or a combination of such projects with funds from the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority. (Yuma)

14. Exempt Status for Labor Housing: Allows counties to regulate the development and permitting of labor housing located on agricultural, mining and railroad properties that qualify for exempt status. (Yuma)

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