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Saturday, November 18, 2017

District 5 Home

The Latest from District 5...

Coffee Chats

The next Coffee Chat will be December 13, 2017. The Coffee Chats will be held from 8am to 9am at the Step One Coffee House located at 6719 E 2nd St, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314.

I remain committed to being open, accessible, and responsive to my constituents.  Whether it is at a Coffee Chat, on the phone, via email, or out in the district, I want to encourage everyone to share their ideas. 

All are welcome to attend.


Dedication and Commemoration Ceremony at the side by side grave sites of early Prescott pioneers Gideon Brooke and Jacob Linn

Today the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors and Prescott Corral of Westerners International held a Dedication and Commemoration Ceremony at the side by side grave sites of early Prescott pioneers Gideon Brooke and Jacob Linn. The ceremony took place at the Citizens Cemetery on Sheldon Street in Prescott.

The Board approved funding for the gravestone for a pioneer by the name of Gideon Brooke who was buried in an unmarked grave at Citizens Cemetery in November 1881. Brooke served on the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors from July 15, 1870 through December 1873, and again from 1877- 1878. In addition to serving on the Board, he was a member of the 8th Territorial Legislature in 1875 and was a local business partner with Jacob Linn.

The Prescott Corral of Westerners International provided the funding for Jacob Linn’s marker. Linn was a member of the Walker Party, which was a party of explorers and would-be gold miners led by the famed Joseph R. Walker.

On May 10, 1863, at a location some six miles south-southeast of this Plaza, twenty-five members of the Walker Prospecting and Mining Company adopted "Laws and Resolutions" governing members of the first mining district in what would later become Yavapai County. The rules for the "Pioneer Mining District" provided a foundation for the establishment of mining law in the central Arizona highlands, and can be considered Prescott's birth certificate.

Veterans Day Proclamation

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to approve a Proclamation in recognition of Veterans on Veterans Day, November 11, 2017.
Our Veterans stepped forward when America needed them most. In conflicts around the world and at home, their sacrifice and resolve helped destroy the enemies of freedom and in answering the Nation’s call with honor, decency and resolve, our Veterans have shown the power of liberty and earned the respect and admiration of a grateful Nation.
Please join me in recognizing the valor and sacrifice of our Veterans.
Thank you to all the Veterans who attended today’s meeting in support of this proclamation.

Certificate of Appreciation to Bob Betts

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors and Denny Foulk Emergency Management Manager present a Certificate of Appreciation to Bob Betts at this morning's Board meeting. Bob has served as Chairman of Prescott Area Wildland Urban Interface Commission (PAWUIC) for many years and has been dedicated to the people and the work carried out by this great organization. Thank you for your commitment.

Code RED

CodeRED logoThe Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office now utilizes CodeRED® as its Emergency Notification System. With this service, we can send messages to residents and businesses within minutes with specific information when an emergency or time-sensitive issue arises.

Although ENS does contain published landline phone number information by default, the Sheriff’s Office may only get landline phone data updates twice a year. This is why it is vital that you register all your phone numbers directly to assure contact in an emergency.

contact mode options: Voice, TDD/TTY, SMS, EmailBy signing up or opting-in, you may enter alternate phone numbers and/or modes of contact. You may also specify your primary contact mode. The opt-in process will require that you have a valid email address. A confirmation email and/or text message will be sent upon completion of registration (will be sent from and may take up to 5 minutes). Once registered, you may opt-out at any time.

When delivery of the alert to your primary contact mode fails, the system will automatically fall back to other methods. With respect to phone notifications, if the system detects an answering machine, it will deliver the message to voicemail. If the phone is not answered and no answering machine is detected, the system will redial the number at a later time or, if specified, fall back to another contact mode. When the call appears on your caller-id, it will display the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office business number: (928) 771-3260.


Please, NEVER REPLY to Alert message emails or text messages! Instead, please call (928) 771-3260.


Yavapai County Prescription Program

Yavapai County participates in a Prescription program to help consumers cope with the high price of prescriptions.The county is making the free prescription discount cards available under a program sponsored by the National Association of Counties (NACo) that offers substantial savings off the retail price of commonly prescribed drugs.

The cards may be used by all county residents, regardless of age, health, income, or existing health coverage. Even if you have prescription insurance coverage, you may still benefit from the discount card since it may save you money on prescriptions your existing plan does not cover.

It’s easy to use. Simply print a card and present your discount card at a participating retail pharmacy along with your prescription(s), and save an average of 24 percent on your prescription drugs. There are no limits on how many times the card can be used. You can use it for the whole family. Even use the card for your pets. If your pet is prescribed a medication that is also used for humans, ask your veterinarian for a prescription to use at a participating pharmacy. There are no claim forms to fill out and no membership fees.
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