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Road Maintenance in District 4 - weather permitting

Week of 5/20-23 Ash Fork - First Street Full depth reconstruction
  Ash Fork - Cemetery Rd Chip Seal Preparation
Week of 5/28-5/30 Ash Fork - First Street Full depth reconstruction


Yavapai County Wins National Award for Lady Ermintrude

The National Association of Counties (NACo) has awarded Yavapai County with a National Achievements Award in the category of Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation for the restoration of the Historic Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza “Lady Ermintrude” Fountain. The award honors innovative, effective county government programs that strengthen services for residents.

In 1910, an elegant fountain dubbed “Lady Ermintrude” was installed and graced the Courthouse Plaza for more than 60 years before falling into disrepair. In 1976, it was dismantled and placed in storage at a museum in Prescott.

In 2016, as the Centennial of the laying of the cornerstone was approaching, County officials discovered the surviving Courthouse fountain components and a restoration project began. A foundry in Alabama that had the original statue pattern was commissioned and the missing and broken pieces were recast. Yavapai County Facilities Department workers restored the basin to reflect its original 1910 style and the fountain was then reinstalled. A rededication ceremony was held on June 29, 2018 and “Lady Ermintrude” was unveiled to stand as a testament to the history of the Courthouse for generations to come.

The Yavapai County Courthouse commemorated its Centennial on October 15, 2016. As the original state capital of Arizona following statehood on February 14, 1912, the Courthouse was honored by being listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 and recognized as one of the Great Places in America: Public Spaces by the American Planning Association in 2008.

NACo President Greg Cox said, “Counties implement innovative programs that enhance residents’ quality of life every day. This year’s Achievement Award-winning programs demonstrate how counties build healthy, safe and vibrant communities across America.” Started in 1970, NACo’s annual Achievement Awards program is designed to recognize county government innovations. NACo will recognize Yavapai County at its 2019 Annual Conference and Exposition, July 12-15 in Clark County, Nevada.


Passing the Baton for the Memorial Day Observance

In 1995, Pat Atchison, Nancy Burgess and Elisabeth Ruffner formed what would become the Yavapai Cemetery Association (YCA). Its purpose, to restore the Citizens Cemetery to its former glory and create a Memorial Day Observance modeled after an event recorded in the Weekly Journal Miner (Now the Prescott Daily Courier) back in 1909. 

Now, almost two and a half decades later, the association feels it is time to place the care and responsibility of this piece of Yavapai County history into to the caring hands of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors.

Julie Holst, the association Chairperson said, “The Memorial Day Observance presented at Citizens Cemetery has become a tradition in the community. It is a solemn ceremony which many look forward to attending each year to pay tribute to those who have fallen in service to our country.”

The organization of the Memorial Day observance is not a small endeavor; it involves the coordination of over 40 community and military organizations, in addition to numerous participating speakers and volunteers. YCA council members agreed to remain involved in this year’s organization of the event to assist in a smooth transition. 

Holst said, “I have such fond memories of being a part of this group over the years, meeting and becoming friends with so many of them, getting the opportunity to work with so many great organizations, it has been a wonderful experience. It is great to see organizations like the Monday Club, Salvation Army and the Knights of Columbus, who were around for the first Memorial Day Observance, still serving in a similar capacity today.”

When asked why the association had decided to hand over this historic responsibility to Yavapai County, Julie said YCA has been around a long time, “Our group of dedicated volunteers are not getting any younger and we all felt that we had accomplished what we set out to do.”  Julie indicated the group felt good about what they had accomplished during their time, including a significant amount of research over the years to identify and document hundreds of unidentified pioneers in unmarked graves, repairing and replacing grave markers, improving the grounds, and restoring the Memorial Day observance to its former grandeur.

The Memorial Day Observance will continue its long history this May 27 at 9:00 AM, just as it did back in 1909, with presentations by the Board of Supervisors, Community Leaders, the Arizona Rough Riders, an Honor Guard and more.

Julie stated, “We could not have accomplished what we did over the past 20 plus years without the help of volunteers like Bob Bakken, who took such great care of the property, as well as the Board of Supervisors and the Yavapai County Facilities Department.  The same people step-up every year to conduct a ceremony of remembrance and gratitude in a heartfelt tribute to the service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. We are leaving the cemetery and the Memorial Day Observance in good condition and good hands.”

Road maintenance schedule - District 4 (weather permitting)

Week of 5/13 - 5/16 Chino Valley Chip Seal Preparation
Tentative-week of 5/20-5/23 Ash Fork Full Depth Reconstruction - 1st Street
  Williamson Valley Rd Mowing


Supervisor Brown reminds you to be aware of Yavapai County Road Crews while driving through the work zones.  

Thank you!


Big Chino Valley Pumped Storage Project update

Supervisor Brown wanted to make you aware that ITC recently sent out correspondence regarding the Big Chino Valley Pumped Storage Project.  In the event that you did not receive a copy, below is the letter....

May 2019

Dear Stakeholders:

ITC is continuing to study the feasibility of the proposed Big Chino Valley Pumped Storage Project to serve as an integrated energy solution for the Southwest. As shared in our winter newsletter, we completed our 2018 study plan and are committed to engaging stakeholders through a broad, holistic and transparent planning approach.

Recognizing the critical value of water to Arizona, we are continuing our thorough evaluations of the project’s potential impacts to the Big Chino Aquifer, Verde River and/or residential wells. This involves the development of a groundwater model that will be used to simulate various scenarios, including groundwater withdrawal impacts and possible mitigation measures to offset them.

To date, we have made significant progress to finalize the model under the direction of a leading Arizona and former U.S. Geological Survey hydrologist and with extensive input from a stakeholder water work group. The work group, which includes representatives from federal and state agencies, Tribes, municipalities, and local and national environmental groups, has requested additional time to review and provide input on the final model.

We intend to honor the stakeholder water group’s request by extending the timeline for their review with a goal to finalize the model this summer. Once final, we will again hold public meetings to share a project update, the groundwater model findings and proposed measures to mitigate predicted impacts and protect and/or enhance the region’s water resources.

Please visit our website to view the project schedule. The revised schedule reflects changes to licensing milestones resulting from the additional stakeholder review period for the groundwater model study. The project website also features final versions of the 2018 licensing studies for stakeholder reference. Both the revised project schedule and the 2018 study reports will be filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on an informational basis. With regard to 2019/2020 studies, we have reviewed stakeholder comments on the study plans and intend to post revised study plans to the website after the groundwater model study is completed.

We look forward to keeping you informed across key milestones as we continue to perform our due diligence to study the project’s viability. In the meantime, we encourage you to email the project team with any questions or for more information.

Thank you,

Big Chino Valley Pumped Storage Project Team

Ash Fork Development Association Newsletter

Click below to get the latest information on what's happening in Ash Fork!

AFDA Newsletter May June2019.pdf

Big changes coming to Yavapai County Development Services....

In the coming months, Yavapai County Development Services will be transitioning from its old paper-based plan review and permitting system into a brand-new state of the art digital system.  All permit applications will need to be submitted digitally once the new software goes online.  The software, called CitizenServe, is web based and provides enhanced functionality for all aspects of the Department including, Permitting, Plan Review, Building Inspection, Environmental Services and Zoning Enforcement.  According to Dave Williams, Director of Development Services, “After the initial roll out we anticipate a further reduction in our plan review times as well as enhanced communication with citizens and contractors in the field.”  This will be of great benefit as the County expects permitting activity to continue to accelerate.  Estimates for 2019 indicate that the County will issue over 450 new site built single-family permits, which is the highest number of new home permits ever issued in a single year and represent a 10% increase over the previous year.

Development Services has also been heavily involved in the adoption of the 2018 Building Codes, which if the Board of Supervisors approves them on May 15, will go into effect on July 1.  The 2012 Codes will still be accepted until December 31, 2019 to ensure that there are no unnecessary changes with projects currently in process.  According to Director Williams, “The benefit of the 2018 Building Codes is that it has a layer of common sense as well as a reduction in the cost to construct a home which hasn’t been present in the previously adopted codes.” This is also part of a larger concerted effort to reduce regulations in the development industry and Mr. Williams states, “There are eight more Ordinance Amendments coming forward this summer to further address undue regulations, ease undue restrictions as well as bringing ordinances into alignment with recent state law changes”.

The Department has also been very active in community outreach, which includes the very popular “Lunch and Learn” sessions, that has now reached over 1600 citizens.  Some of the topics of the Lunch and Learn sessions included management of a waste water system, quality control on building plan submittals, educational outreach on common plan design mistakes, land planning, permitting and most recently a presentation on the Dark Sky Ordinance.  The Department also has a Facebook page of “Yavapai County Development Services” which provides great information several times a week on a variety of building related topics.

Customer Service surveys have been very positive with all of the changes in the Department over the past year, with a 95% percent customer satisfaction rating.  The comments received in the survey show that customers have overwhelmingly supported the changes and are excited for changes to come. 

With regards to the industry perspective on all of the upcoming changes, Sandy Griffis, Executive Director of the Yavapai County Contractors Association said, “Working with Yavapai County, Mr. Williams and his team, together we have created support that our industry needs to thrive and grow in the years to come.  Yavapai County, YCCA and all of our Jurisdictions working together have created a sense that we are one community, one family.”

Be sure to visit Development Services at this year’s YCCA Home Show, May 17-19 at the Findlay Toyota Event Center in Prescott Valley, for all of your building questions.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact David Williams, Director of Development Services, at 928-771-3216 or

Flooding brings water runoff issues to Yavapai County

This past winter season brought record-breaking rain and snowfall to Yavapai County and with that come a flood of issues all Yavapai County residents need to be aware of.  If you live in or near a floodplain, it is important to know the requirements for moving dirt in these areas.

According to Yavapai County Flood Control District Director Lynn Whitman, “As we look toward the monsoon season, it is important to examine the path of water on your property and prepare to protect your assets. Cleaning out washes to improve capacity is an effective tool. However, a more robust solution may be required to protect your home. Now is a good time to contact the Yavapai County Flood Control District in case a permit is needed to ensure time for review and construction prior to the monsoon season.”

A grading permit may be required if you are moving more than 50 cubic yards of earth (27’x25’x2′ for example). All grading permits require a site plan showing existing and proposed contour lines at 2ft increments as well as cut and fill amounts and finished floor or pad elevations.  Mrs. Whitman explained, “A Development Permit (DP) is required and can be obtained from the Flood Control District free of charge, prior to construction, placing fill, excavation, or otherwise developing in the floodplain or Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).”  Additional submittals may be required prior to and after issuance of a DP, in order to satisfy the requirements of the DP. Contact the Yavapai County Flood Control District for more information: (928) 771-3197.

Other state or federal permits may be required depending on the type of development. Maintenance but not construction of drainage ditches, structures, and/or irrigation ditches are some of the activities that are exempt under the Clean Water Act, Section 404(f)(1). To find out whether specific activities are exempt, contact the local Army Corps of Engineers office: (602) 230-6900.

Bald Eagle Closure Lifted at Lynx Lake

The Prescott National Forest will lift the closure restrictions and open the John’s Tank Trail on the east side of Lynx Lake on Friday May 3rd, 2019.  The trail has been closed to public entry since December to provide protection to nesting bald eagles.  The closure is no longer needed to protect nesting bald eagles because the breeding attempt failed and Arizona Game and Fish feels that any further nesting attempts this year is highly unlikely.    

Bald eagles have used Lynx Lake as a nesting site for the last eleven years.  The Forest Service closed the area east of the lake to minimize disturbance to the eagles.  For the past six years, eagles have successfully produced young eagles. 

“Every year is a new opportunity to watch this skilled pair of eagle parents in the midst of one of our most popular recreation sites on the Prescott National Forest. It is a balancing act for resource managers to provide quality recreation experiences while also providing quality wildlife habitat on public lands” said Wildlife Biologist Noel Fletcher.

The U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Arizona Game and Fish Department would like to thank everyone for their cooperation while the closure was in effect.  

If you have any questions about the bald eagles and their management on the Bradshaw Ranger District, please feel free to call Albert Sillas at (928) 567-1124.   

Image result for bald eagle flying

2019 Spring Issue - Flood Control District

What does a Yavapai County Flood Control District Hydrologist do????

The main duties of a hydrologist on the link below to read more about a hydrologist and to take a look at the Yavapai County Flood Control District Newsletter.....

Image result for hydrology

2019 Spring-revised.pdf

Arizona's 32nd Annual Statewide Transit Conference presented by AzTA & ADOT!


L-R: Steve Hogan, President of AZ,TA, Ron Romley-Board Chairman, YRT,  Cheryl Romley,-YRT, Chris Bridges-Vice President of Az/TA, Sandy Stutey-YRT

Yavapai Regional Transit (YRT) was recently awarded the 'Outstanding Rural Transit System of the Year' by the Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona Transit Association.

Congratulations Yavapai Regional Transit.  Your many years of hard work, fortitude and determination has earned you respect and recognition in the transit world!!!!

For more information regarding Yavapai Regional Transit, visit their website at:







Yavapai County-wide chip seal and fog seal roadwork

Please be advised that Asphalt Paving and Supply, in conjunction with Yavapai County, will be performing chip seal and fog seal operations on various roads and neighborhoods in Yavapai County.  Construction areas include Chino Valley, Cordes Lakes, Lake Montezuma, Mountain Club, Rancho Vista, Ash Fork, and Seligman. Construction work will include placing a 3/8’’ chip seal, fog seal and striping on various roads in those areas.  

Construction will begin Monday, April 15, 2019, and continue through Wednesday, June 5, 2019.  One lane of traffic will remain open at all times; however, motorists may encounter lane restrictions, reduced speeds, and flagging operations throughout the work zones. Motorists should expect minor delays and allow extra time to get through the construction areas. Please follow all traffic control devices when travelling through the work zones. 

For additional information, please contact Yavapai County Public Works at 928-771-3183 or visit us on the web at


Paulden Area Community Organization updates...



The circus is coming to Paulden.....!!

SAVE THE DATE!  April 18, 5:00 and 7:30 p.m.  The circus will be in town.  Tickets go on sale soon!  Watch Facebook for details on where you can purchase tickets or call (928) 899-1838 for more information.  This is our fundraiser for the year and it's a lot of fun!  If you'd like to volunteer to help sell tickets, please call the above number. 







Did you know? 

The Paulden Library offers copying, printing, faxing, scanning and free notary service.  



Job and Career Fair at Yavapai College




Annual Free Slash Drop Off Program

The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors is pleased to announce the continuation of the annual free slash drop-off program at County transfer stations beginning April 1, 2019 through June 1, 2019.

County transfer stations are located in Black Canyon City, Camp Verde, Congress, Mayer, Paulden, Seligman, and Skull Valley. Free slash drop off will be held during normal operating hours. For locations and hours, please visit:

This free slash drop-off program will assist residents in creating defensible space around their homes and other structures. Cutting away vegetation 5 to 30 feet from all structures and removing all debris and dead vegetation from roofs, decks, and the ground can reduce the potential of a wildfire spreading to your home.  

Please take advantage of the free slash drop-off program as you create defensible space around your properties. 

Only the following items will be accepted: brush, branches, grass, leaves and yard trimmings. Items not accepted are: lumber, stumps, roots, cactus, metal and garbage.

All slash must be removed from plastic bags. 

This program is for residential use only. Commercial loads will not be accepted.

For additional information, please contact the Yavapai County Public Works Department at (928) 771-3183.

Road construction alert!!!

Please be advised that Earth Resources Corporation in conjunction with Yavapai County will be performing roadwork on Marblehead Avenue in Paulden. Old Chisholm Trail in Prescott County Club, Diamond Drive, Butterfield Road and various roads in the Wildwood Neighborhood in Prescott. Construction will begin March 25, 2019 and continue through May 23, 2019.  Road construction will consist of asphalt overlays, shoulder work, guardrail  installation, new striping and miscellaneous concrete work in a few areas. One lane of traffic will remain open at all times in all areas; however, motorists may encounter lane restriction, reduced speeds and flagging operations throughout the work zones. Motorists should expect minor delays and allow extra time to get through the construction areas. Please follow all traffic control devices when travelling through the work zones.

For additional information, please contact Yavapai County Public Works at 928-771-3183 or visit us on the web at www.yavapai,us/public works.


State Route 89 - Paulden


The Arizona Department of Transportation in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration is planning to widen State Route 89 to accommodate a dedicated north- and southbound right-turn lane and left-turn lanes at the post office and gas station complexes in Paulden. Additionally, the widening will include right-turn lanes on southbound State Route 89 at Midway Drive/Sweet Valley Road, a northbound left-turn lane at Paulden’s RV Park and United Way, and a northbound right-turn lane at the post office. 

The work also includes the following:

  • Widen State Route 89 for a southbound right turn lane at Sweet Valley Road
  • Widen State Route 89 for north- and southbound left and right turn lanes for the RV Parks, Pink Store and post office driveways
  • Install a raised concrete median between the Sweet Valley Road and RV Parks driveways left-turn bays
  • Install a raised concrete median north of United Way
  • Install roadway lighting between the RV Parks, Pink Store and post office driveways
  • Modify roadway signage

Construction is anticipated to begin in December 2018 and last approximately six months. The project will occur within ADOT right of way and adjacent to private lands. The purpose of widening State Route 89 within the project limits is to provide additional turning lanes to separate through and turning movements.

For more Information contact:

Deborrah Miller, Community Relations Project Manager, ADOT Northwest District
Phone: 928.777.5986

Project Area Map

SR89 - Widening - Project map



Meath Wash bridge replacement starting January 28th


A 10-month project to replace the bridge over Meath Wash in Yavapai County is set to begin next week. The Meath Wash bridge is located on SR 89 south of Ashfork near milepost 358.

Preliminary work on the $2.9 million project will begin Monday, Jan. 28. The Arizona Department of Transportation advises drivers to plan for the following work-related impacts:

  • The north-and southbound shoulders of SR 89 will be closed.
  • The speed limit in the work zone will be reduced from 65 mph to 45 mph.

The bridge will close in early March and remain closed for about six months. A temporary detour around the existing bridge will be constructed to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction at all times while bridge-replacement work is underway.

ADOT crews will remove and replace the existing bridge with a new cast-in-place two-span bridge and improve sight distance from the travel lanes at this location.

Drivers are asked to obey traffic control devices and use caution around construction personnel equipment.

Learn more on the project webpage




Restrictions coming soon for Granite Mountain and Thumb Butte....

PRESCOTT, AZ(January 24, 2019)—Prescott National Forest officials wanted to give folks a heads up that they have one more weekend for climbing opportunities before the Forest implements restrictions on climbing and other activities on the cliff faces of both Granite Mountain and Thumb Butte on Friday, February 1, 2019. Both sites have been consistently occupied by peregrines annually for more than 21 years. These annual closures are providing the undisturbed setting and quality nesting habitat essential for peregrines to successfully raise their young.

The closures will begin February 1st and last until July 15th. For both locations, the closures will be the same as they have for over 20 years. On Granite Mountain, it is prohibited to be upon any part of the Granite Mountain rock cliff face or the rim above the rock face and extending 100 feet back from the edge of the cliff face by rock climbing or any other means of access.  Trail 261 will remain open.  On Thumb Butte, both the north and south climbing faces, the top of Thumb Butte, and the areas at the base of the climbing faces will be closed to entry. 

The Prescott National Forest would like to remind visitors that while our day-use facilities may be closed due to the lapse in government funding, the forest does remain open. These area closures for the peregrine do not impact or close any system trails; Trails 33 and 261will remain open for hiking.   

Maps of the closed areas will be posted throughout both the Thumb Butte and Granite Basin Recreation Area. The Prescott National Forest is asking local birders to share their field observations of peregrine falcons with our resource managers to provide a better picture of peregrine nesting progress. Please send observations, photos and information to Noel Fletcher at

Peregrine falcons were once listed under the Endangered Species Act. They continue to be managed under the protection of the federal code of regulations as well as state and federal law.  Land managers consider the needs of the peregrines and the recreation desires of people to strike a balance where both can effectively use the same space at different times for their respective purposes.

Image result for peregrineVisitors of the Prescott National Forest can obtain additional information via the following:

Closures near Seligman -Interstate 40

The Arizona Department of Transportation advises motorists on Interstate 40 to plan ahead and be prepared to merge into open travel lanes near Seligman at the Interstate 40B overpass bridge (Exit 121) while new bridge deck construction is underway. The work will require the following restrictions:

  • Intermittent lane closures of east- and westbound I-40 are scheduled from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 8, and Thursday, Jan. 9. Detours: Traffic will be diverted to the Exit 121 on- and off-ramps for both east- and westbound traffic. The speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph through the work zone.      
  • East- and westbound I- 40 will be reduced to one lane between mileposts 120 and 122 (right lane closed) beginning Thursday, Jan. 10 and continuing through spring 2019. The speed limit will be reduced to 55 mph through the work zone.
  • A 14-foot vehicle-width restriction will also be in place.

Drivers should proceed through the work zone with caution, slow down and watch for construction personnel and equipment.

For more information about the project, please visit


Seligman Bridges


Arizona Department of Transportation - SR 89

The Arizona Department of Transportation advises drivers who use State Route 89 in Prescott to plan for the following change in traffic control beginning Wednesday, Nov. 14:

  • North- and southbound left turn lane restrictions will be in place on State Route 89 and MacCurdy Drive.
  • These turn restrictions are scheduled to remain in place through spring 2019.

Drivers should consider alternate routes and allow plenty of extra travel time.

The speed limit in the work zone is reduced to 35 mph. Drivers are asked to obey traffic control devices and use caution around construction personnel equipment

Learn more and sign up to receive project alerts by email on the project webpage


SR 89 Alternate

Historic Route 66

Access to Historic Route 66 along Interstate 40 at Exit 121 will close Monday, June 11, for a $4.3 million bridge project.  ADOT will replace decks on three bridges between I-40 exit 121 and the west side of Seligman. These bridges are between 40 and 50 years old, and the current decks need heavy maintenance. The second I-40 exit (Exit 123), which is about 60 miles west of Flagstaff, and route to Seligman’s east side will remain open.  The project is scheduled to be completed in May 2019.

Signs on I-40 will direct travelers to exit 123, connecting to the east side of Seligman. ADOT also has produced a brochure and video explaining the project and noting that visitors will be able to reach Seligman from I-40 throughout the project.

The $4.3 million project includes:                                                      

  • Replacing the deck portions of the three bridges
  • Removing and replacing guardrails as needed
  • Reconstructing 40 feet of road on either side of the bridges
  • Repairing embankment damaged by erosion
  • Removing and replacing of the approach slabs and joints

For more information please visit


Historic Route 66 Seligman


Schedules are subject to change based on weather and other unforeseen factors. For more information, please call the ADOT Project Information Line at 855.712.8530 or email For real-time highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT's Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except when driving.


West Seligman Bridges project

The work on the West Seligman Bridges project is scheduled to begin in early June, 2018.  ADOT has been working to provide many of the ideas developed at the April Business Workshop to the public.  Suggestions were incorporated into their Project Deliverables prior to the start of construction, as well as signage and messaging during the construction phase.

As ADOT moves forward with the West Seligman Bridges project, they want to provide you and your business with materials to use on your websites and in your outreach to those who may be looking to visit Seligman in the near future.

Please find attached the following:

Flyer Seligman Bridges.pdf

Brochure Seligman Bridge Repair.pdf

The ADOT Project Flyer – this can also be found posted on the project website:

The ADOT informational brochure-this will also be posted on the project website and hard copies available at ADOT Rest Stops and the Power House Museum in Kingman.

In addition, below is the link for the video produced by ADOT Video Team which informs the public about the exit closing, bridges project and route to Seligman.  This will also be posted on the project website and on YouTube.

ADOT is planning to provide the information above to other State transportation and tourism outlets, but will not be able to provide this information directly to tour bus companies or other businesses that may provide services to your business.  Please feel free to share all of the materials with them through your business website or other means.

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