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Do I need a grading permit, and if so, what is required to get one?

A grading permit may be required if you are moving more than 50 cubic yards of earth (30’x12’x2′ area for example).  A grading permit may also be required by the flood department.  All grading permits require a site plan showing existing and proposed contour lines at 2ft increments as well as cut and fill amounts and finished floor or pad elevations.  Where required by the flood department or when moving over 2000 cubic yards of earth, a grading permit prepared and sealed by a civil engineer registered in Arizona is required.  Please refer to the Yavapai County Grading Ordinance 2014-9.

I want to schedule an inspection for next week. Can I do this on the IVR system?

Currently, there is no way to schedule an inspection for other than the next business day.   However, we are constantly improving the system and this may become a feature in the future.

What construction projects need building permits?

Building permits are typically required for new buildings, additions, renovations, demolitions, prefabricated structures, temporary buildings, manufactured homes, electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, fireplaces, pools, decks, fences, etc.  Commercially, in addition to all the previous types, any changes of occupancy, parking, health issues, food handling, etc. may also require a permit.

What time will the inspector arrive?

Due to scheduling and unforeseen events, it is not possible to determine the inspectors time of arrival for any given inspection. Calls received 24hrs before inspection date will be done the following day
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