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I called in my inspection on my cell phone and the inspector never showed up. Why?

Cell phones may temporarily disconnect from the IVR system due to reception.   IVR users are encouraged to use a land line when calling or recall the IVR system to verify the inspection was scheduled

I want to schedule an inspection for next week. Can I do this on the IVR system?

Currently, there is no way to schedule an inspection for other than the next business day.   However, we are constantly improving the system and this may become a feature in the future.

None of the codes listed match the inspection I need. What do I press?

Select the inspection that most closely matches the inspection you need.  If in doubt, choose 3645 (Site Investigation) or press 0 to speak to the receptionist.

What four-digit inspection code do I use for my manufactured home-electric permit?

This inspection would use 1305 – Grounding Electrode, 1387– Mobile Electric and 4001 – Building Final.

What time will the inspector arrive?

Due to scheduling and unforeseen events, it is not possible to determine the inspectors time of arrival for any given inspection. Calls received 24hrs before inspection date will be done the following day
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