Septic System Construction

You must have a permit to construct a septic system (Conventional or Alternative).  Environmental Services is responsible for regulating the installation of alternative on-site wastewater disposal systems.  Your septic system construction will be inspected.  Please see the documents below for more information.  Note: If you are planning to construct a new septic system, you may need to arrange for a site inspection (perc test) to determine suitability for a septic system on your property.  If you would like to email requests for On-Site Septic Systems & Percolation results, click here.

link to PDF DocumentAbandon Existing Septic System
link to PDF DocumentAffidavit of Encroachment (Wastewater Disposal) - (Septic System Setback to Property Line Reduction)
link to PDF DocumentAlternate System Submittal Requirements
link to PDF DocumentAlternate System Types
link to PDF DocumentApproval of Existing Conventional Septic System
link to PDF DocumentCertificate of Completion-Engineer
link to PDF DocumentDefinition of a Bedroom
link to PDF DocumentRequest for Discharge Authorization/Tank Leak Test
link to PDF DocumentRequirements for Final Inspection (Conventional Septic System)
link to PDF DocumentHomeowner Septic Education Manual
link to PDF DocumentSeptic Permit Application - Alternate
link to PDF Document (Fillable)Septic Permit Application - Conventional
link to PDF DocumentSeptic Permit Application - Upgrade Existing Conventional System
link to PDF DocumentSeptic System Setbacks
link to PDF DocumentSewer Line Inspection for Permit
link to PDF DocumentTrench Calculations and Sizing Tables (Septic System Leach Trench Length)
link to PDF DocumentTrench Diagram
link to PDF DocumentVariance Request for Alternative Testing, Design, and/or Installation Application

What You Should Know When You’re Having Your Septic System Inspected for the Transfer of Ownership Program

Arizona Administrative Code
The official rules for on-site wastewater treatment facilities, effective November 12, 2005, are contained in the Arizona Administrative Code, available on the AZ Secretary of State’s website.