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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Construction Permits Inquiry Tool - Disclaimer

Information on Terms of Use

Permit information is provided on these Web Pages as a public resource for general information purposes only. It is used to locate, identify and inventory building permits in the unincorporated areas of Yavapai County for informational purposes only and is NOT to be construed or used as a legal document. Permit information and plot plans may not be available if the parcel number has been changed after the application date of the permit or if the permit date is prior to September 2000. Searches are valid for CURRENTLY ACTIVE PARCEL NUMBERS only. Every attempt has been made to link historical permits to their currently active parcel number, however, accuracy can not be guaranteed. No portion of the information should be considered or used as a legal document. Please contact the Development Services Office at 928-771-3214 or 928-639-8151 should you have questions regarding permit records. The information is provided subject to the express condition that the user knowingly waives any and all claims for damages against Yavapai County that may arise from the use of this data. Information provided on these Web Pages should be reviewed and approved by an attorney or other qualified professional prior to its use for any purpose with potential legal consequences.

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