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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Building plans are reviewed in the order they are received. Building plans are expected to have all necessary and required information for a complete plan review. Any portion missing will be requested and will delay processing your permit application. Please review the criteria for submittal requirements for residential and commercial projects. If your plans cannot be approved as submitted, they will be redlined and returned to you with a correction letter. If you have questions about your review, please contact the plans examiner listed on the correction letter. Once all of the redlines are corrected, return the redlined set and two corrected sets to your record technician. Generally, rechecks are handled by the original plans examiner within two business days.

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Residential Submittals

Residential plans must comply with the following:

Please also review the submittal requirements for residential plans, and Common Omissions and Mistakes on Residential Plans. Issues to be aware of when submitting residential plans:

  • Plans not meeting the prescriptive code in the 2012 IRC (for example: post and beam construction, steel structures) will require a design meeting the requirements of the 2012 IBC which may require your plans to be sealed by an Arizona registrant.
  • Homes which have a manufactured floor system (I-Joists/Floor Trusses) will be required to have the engineering and floor layout from the manufacturer for the floor system.
  • Where a development permit was required by the flood department, the requirements of that permit must be reflected on your residential plans.
  • Building safety defines a bedroom as a room with a door for privacy and a closet. Other departments may have more liberal or conservative definition of a bedroom. Their definitionwill not affect the requirements of building safety.
  • Where plans are required to be sealed by an Arizona registrant, the calculations justifying the design must also be submitted.

Commercial Submittals

Commercial plans must comply with the following:

Please also review the Submittal Requirements for Commercial Plans.

Issues to be aware of when submitting commercial plans:

  • A site specific soils report done by an Arizona Licensed Registrant for the foundation design and soils conditions must be provided. A soils report per the 2012 IBC section 1803 shall contain the following minimum information – soils classification(s), allowable foundation pressure, lateral pressure or lateral sliding resistance values, recommendations for foundation type and depth below finished grade.
  • A building size of over 3,000 square feet or with an occupant load of 20 or more will require that all plans submitted for permit to be stamped/sealed by an Arizona Licensed Registrant as per the Arizona State Board of Technical Review.
  • A separate grading permit will be required for each parcel for any proposed grading to be done on site. Grading plans must comply with Yavapai County Grading Ordinance.
  • Plumbing fixtures as required per the 2012 IPC table 403.1 shall be provided. Table 403.1 does require a minimum of one (1) drinking fountain to be provided along with specific numbers of restrooms based on the occupant load as determined by Table 1004.1.2 of the 2012 IBC. Each building shall be provided with the required plumbing fixtures.
  • Specific information (details) for accessible parking, accessible route into the building and through the building along with restrooms and drinking fountain under the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAAG) shall be included on the plans. This includes the slopes and cross slopes for that accessible route, ramps and parking space(s) along with the material surfaces to be of a hard type which can be traveled by a person in a wheel chair.
  • When any special inspection is call for the structural engineer and/or required per chapter 17 of the 2012 IBC, the “Special Inspections Certificate” shall be completed and submitted with the applications and plans for a building permit.

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