The Yavapai County Attorney’s Office is dedicated to recognizing the needs of crime victims and the preservation of victim rights. 

Our Victim Services Division has been providing comprehensive victim assistance and victim compensation services to crime victims in Yavapai County since 1990. The services provided by this program are not duplicated by other agencies in Yavapai County.


Attention to Examination Costs

We arrange with the victim to submit their bills for initial examination in sexual assault or child molest cases to the County Attorney’s Office or Crime Victim Compensation Board.

Court Related Services

We assist victims in securing funds for food and transportation to enable them to participate in court proceedings; provide assistance with childcare; accompany victims into the courtroom during a victim’s testimony; and assist with collection of court-ordered restitution.

Crime Victim Compensation

Crime victims may apply for losses directly related to a crime in the following categories: medical, lost wages, counseling and funeral expenses. A victim must report the crime to law enforcement and has up to 12 months from the time the crime was committed to apply for compensation. Sexual assault and child molest examination bills may be submitted to the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office or the Victim Compensation Program. Victims may pick up a compensation application at the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office, Victim Services Division or call us to have one mailed.

Intern/Volunteer Program

Interns and volunteers play a vital role in providing support to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, robbery, homicide, child abuse and other criminal acts. The services provided include emotional support, court advocacy, crisis counseling, and other related assistance to crime victims and their families. All volunteers and interns are provided with extensive training in victim’s rights and the criminal justice system. Internships can be tailed to meet the specific graduation requirements. For more information, or to receive an application contact Victim Services.

Notification Services

We provide notification to the victim of progress in the investigation and prosecution of the case; notification of hearings and rulings, changes in trial dates or other proceedings; notification to victims of the opportunity to make an oral statement to the judge at the time of sentencing; notification of the disposition of a case, including verdicts, plea agreements, sentencing and post-conviction notification.

Protection for Victims

We notify prosecutors and law enforcement of any reports of harassment or threats by defendants (directly or indirectly) toward victims; provide a victim conference room where victims and their families can wait separately from the defendant and his/her family during hearings or trial.

Public Relations

We prepare materials describing the services offered by the program, how to access the services, do presentations to groups regarding the services; and coordinate the area’s observance of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

Statements to the Court

We assist the victim in the preparation and submission of a victim impact statement.

Support Services (Court Advocacy)

Services provided by this program include: home visits to outlying areas; listening to victims’ concerns and answering questions; arranging for counseling for victims and their families; connecting victims to social service agencies; acting as liaison between the victim and criminal justice agencies; assisting in property return; intervention with landlords; employers and school counselors; taking victims on a courtroom “walk-through” to familiarize them (especially children) with the physical surroundings; and discussion of the roles of the various court officials and court procedures.


We provide on-going training for volunteers and paid staff responsible for providing direct services to crime victims, with portions of the training provided to social service agencies and criminal justice agencies.

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