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2013 Annual Budget Report
Sep 10, 2013 — The Annual Budget Report for 2013 is now available online. Click on the following link for more information... Annual Budget Report

The County Administrator is appointed by the Board of Supervisors. He coordinates county-wide administrative departments and assists elected officials with their questions, problems, projects and budgets.

He serves as staff to the Board of Supervisors, providing information, planning and completing projects. In addition, he develops, reviews, presents and administers the County budget.

The Administrator also assists with intergovernmental relations, agreements with cities and towns within the County, as well as other counties, State and Federal agencies while assisting with legislative issues that impact the County.

The Assistant County Administrator/Deputy County Attorney assists the County Administrator in the performance of his duties and acts as legal advisor to the County Administrator, the Board of Supervisors and other County staff as required.