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Yavapai County Community Health Services will provide leadership, information, and services that contribute to improving the health and well-being of Yavapai County residents.


Yavapai County residents will have the opportunity to optimize their health and well-being.

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Nominations Now Open for 2020 Yavapai Healthy School Award

Do you know of a school in Yavapai County going above-and-beyond to meet the health and wellness needs of their students?  A school that strives for best parctices in school wellness policy, nutrition, worksite wellness, emotional, mental and physical health and caring for the whole student?

If so, now is your chance to give that school a little recognition by nominating the school for the Yavapai Healthy School Award.  Nominations are open now through February 15th on the Yavapai Health Schools website:  www.yavapaihealthyschools.com

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Flu Activity is Widespread

Flu activity is now widespread in 48 states, including Arizona. Arizona has had 6,816 confirmed cases, and Yavapai County has had 84 confirmed cases. Compared to last year, this season seems to be affecting young people more prevalently – the 5-18-year-old age group is almost double, while age 50+ is half to a quarter of last year.

Here's what to do if you or someone you're caring for gets sick:

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YCCHS Releases Community Data Dashboard

Yavapai County Community Health Services (YCCHS) has the proud distinction of serving Yavapai residents to create the greatest possible opportunity for health for all our residents. From Black Canyon City to Seligman, Sedona to Congress, we serve a wide range of neighborhoods and communities, all with unique opportunities and challenges to health. This dashboard provides key data and information about those challenges and opportunities.

Check out the dashboard to see how the team at Yavapai is building momentum around a shared community narrative and demonstrating the importance of Public Health Departments.

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Yavapai County Medical Examiner Joins the Fight Against Drug Overdoses

The ME’s office will begin sending a courtesy communication to inform prescribers of the death of a patient where prescription drugs may have contributed to the cause of death, along with evidence-based interventions and resources to assist prescribers with the challenges of balancing the potential harm and benefit of controlled medication for their patients. 

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It's Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot

Although the flu season is off to a quiet start in Yavapai County (with only 3 cases), the flu activity has picked up in other areas of the state.  Mohave County seeing the largest spike in cases, particularly in young people under 18.  The CDC surveillance report for week ending November 9th shows California with widespread activity and Nevada isn’t far behind.

During fall and winter each year there's a new season of human influenza viruses, which is different than the common cold.  The influenza virus infection causes the flu and usually comes on suddenly. 

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What's New this Flu Season?

On Sept. 26, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases officially kicked off campaigns to encourage people to get their annual flu vaccinations. A stronger-than-average vaccination rate is needed for what is predicted to be a challenging season, experts said.

To gain insight on the upcoming U.S. flu season, health officials look to the Southern Hemisphere, where winter and flu season occurs earlier. In Australia, the recent flu season was severe, eclipsing 2017-2018, the country’s previous worst season on record. That season also set records in the U.S., with an estimated 79,000 deaths.  Flu activity also spiked earlier than usual in Australia this season.

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2019 Rural Flu Clinics

The Board of Supervisors encourage you to take advantage of the flu shots being offered in your community. See flyer for dates and locations.

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YCCHS Offers Walk-In Wednesdays for Back to School Immunizations

Beginning June 5th, YCCHS has arranged “Walk-In Wednesdays” for parents to bring their children in for back-to-school shots at their public health locations.  The last two weeks of July before school begins, the walk-in schedule expands to offer a one-stop shop with sports physicals offered at the same time. Read more

Measles and Vaccine Hesitance

This year’s measles outbreak is the largest since the disease was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000. Elimination meant the measles virus was no longer circulating in the U.S. Each year after 2000, a few cases arrived from overseas, either in immigrants or returning tourists, but each outbreak was snuffed out.

Vaccines are one of the most effective tools available for the prevention of childhood diseases, they are safe and do not cause autism.
If your child needs to be vaccinated, please contact YCCHS to make an appointment at 771-3122. Our department accepts health insurance, and through the Vaccines for Children program, a federally funded program, YCCHS provides no-cost vaccines to children through 18 years of age who lack health insurance or who otherwise cannot afford the cost of the vaccination.

To help keep your child(ren) safe, it is important that you and your children who are able to get vaccinated are fully immunized. This not only protects your family, but also helps prevent the spread of these diseases to your friends and loved ones. Immunizations can save your family time and money.

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County Health Rankings Report for 2019 Released

Yavapai County was ranked #1 in health factors which looks at areas that affect people’s health within four categories including: health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment. Leslie Horton, Director of Yavapai County Community Health Services says, “Although we still have work to do to improve the health of all citizens living in Yavapai County, I’m excited to be at the top of the charts for health factors and encourage everyone to enjoy our beautiful outdoor recreational opportunities.”

Areas of strength are our low percentage of adults reporting physical inactivity, lower number of cases on STIs, an increased high school graduation rate, and clean air. Areas of concern are the percentage of adults who are current smokers, the percentage of population under age 65 without health insurance, and the high rate of deaths due to injury.

Yavapai County ranked sixth among Arizona’s 15 counties in the health outcome category. Health outcomes were measured by the average life expectancy (78.7), the percent of people who report being in fair or poor health, the numbers of days people report being in poor physical and poor mental health, and the rate of low-birth weight infants.

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