Photo of Chip Davis, District 3 SupervisorA fourth generation Arizonan, Chip’s parents still raise cattle on his great grandparents’ homestead west of the Bradshaw Mountains. The Davis family has been living and ranching in Yavapai County since the 1880’s. Chip and his wife, Karen, four children and eight grandchildren all appreciate the rich history, scenic splendor and diverse Western culture of the region. Chip and his family believe it is a heritage that must be treated with respect and safeguarded for the future.

Chip Davis is serving his fifth term as Yavapai County Supervisor for District 3 and has been chairman of the Board of Supervisors eight times. He has seen Yavapai County go from three supervisors to the now five-member Board. Yavapai County Supervisor Chip Davis, coined by citizens as “A man of his word”, has a proven track record of protecting District 3 citizens’ interests. Partnering with area communities and their residents to meet local needs has been one the Supervisor’s priorities. Roads, flood control, water issues, Verde River protection, responsible growth, regional cooperation, recognition of citizen leadership are just a few of his passions. When elected, the Supervisor’s goal was (and still is) to change the way county government did business. He affords the public every opportunity to give their input on the decisions being made and follows up with their concerns.   Citizens do not hear, “It’s not my problem.” The Yavapai County greeting is, “How may I help you?” Chip Davis is truly “The People’s Supervisor.”

Chip’s leadership was directly responsible for streamlining Yavapai County Government and helping Yavapai County come through the hard economic times that we all faced. He was instrumental in securing the ARRA funding for the Cornville Road widening and safety improvement project. He has been a tireless supporter of the Cornville Trail System project, still under way.   His work with the Verde Valley Arizona State Parks helped keep them from closing. He continues to help organizations such as the Verde Valley Caregivers with transportation funding. He has been President of the Verde Valley Senior Center for the past 19 years.   Throughout his four terms serving as County Supervisor he has attended numerous leadership seminars with the most recent being the Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy.

His proactive approach to government and a “can do” attitude has put Chip at the forefront in changing the way the County does business. This “can do” attitude has marked him as one of the most dynamic leaders in local and regional government.

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